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Tips + Tricks | Less is Not Always More – Flower Edition

One thing about me that you’ll quickly come to find out is that I live by the saying “Less is More”. If you walk into my house, it’s pretty minimal. Partly because I’m a clean freak and the less stuff there is, the less I have to clean, but mainly because – you guessed it – less is more.

In most aspects of life, I find this to be true but when it comes to wedding florals – less is NOT always more. Sometimes, more is more. Sure, a simple centerpiece with budvases + votives is simple and beautiful, but there is something about a hanging floral installation hovering above you and your partner while you’re enjoying your first dinner together as newlyweds with your favorite people surrounding you.

If your budget allows, investing some extra dollars into your wedding florals can set the overall tone of your wedding. From an extra vase of blooms to give to your photographer for detail shots to large installations that your guests will gawk at, florals are such an important part of every wedding day. Check out the ways some extra blooms can elevate your wedding day!

Detail Shots:

A question we always ask brides is, “Would you like a glass of blooms + greens to give to your photographer for detail shots and flay lays?”. While this $55 addition might not seem like a necessity, these loose blooms add so much! When looking back at your wedding album, you’ll be sure to smile when you see your favorite flower placed next to the shoes that your wore on your wedding day.

Floral Heavy Centerpieces:

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone loves flowers. They tend to make people smile. Guests tend to gravitate to sit at a table with pretty florals. If you’re able to allocate some of your budget towards a floral heavy centerpiece, you wont regret it! It brings the overall vibe of your wedding to a whole new level!

Installations + Lush Ceremony Florals:

Floral installs and ceremony design – two of my favorite things about weddings. Whether you want a hanging box with flowers, smilax draped on your venue staircase, or something special for your ceremony – they are sure to bring the WOW! factor.

Bloom Heavy Bouquets:

Bridal Bouquets – the thing that gives me the most joy while also giving me the most anxiety. Especially those that are full of blooms. Brides that want a bouquet with lots and lots and lots of blooms hold a special place in my heart. Check out some of the bloom-heavy bouquets we’ve designed for our brides!

No matter your budget, always ask your florist what they recommend and if there is room to incorporate some extra florals somewhere! I promise you won’t regret it and they will make your day that much more special.

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